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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018Empowering manufacturing personnel through functional understandingMichalakoudis, I; Aurisicchio, M; Childs, P; Koutlidis, A; Harding, J
1-Jan-2018New directions in computational, combinational and structural creativityGarvey, B; Chen, L; Shi, F; Han, J; Childs, P
1-Jul-2018The Combinator – a computer-based tool for creative idea generation based on a simulation approachHan, J; Shi, F; Chen, L; Childs, P
9-Aug-2017The Analogy Retriever – an idea generation toolHan, J; Shi, F; Chen, L; Childs, P
21-Aug-2017Three driven approaches to combinational creativityHan, J; Park, D; Shi, F; Chen, L; Childs, P
1-Dec-2016Using functional analysis diagrams to improve product reliability and costMichalakoudis, I; Childs, P; Aurisicchio, M; Harding, J; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
12-Aug-2016From linear to systemic: an integrated design solution for sustainable household consumption in IcelandHua, M; Huang, S; Childs, P; Boks, C; Sigurjonsson, J, et al
6-Feb-2017Using functional analysis diagrams for production cost optimizationMichalakoudis, I; Childs, P; Harding, J
8-Nov-2017Decontaminating experiences with circular offeringsBaxter, W; Aurisicchio, M; Mugge, R; Childs, P
28-Aug-2017A low cost desktop electrochemical metal 3D printerChen, X; Liu, X; Childs, P; Brandon, N; Wu, B, et al