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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Sep-2014Covariance Analysis as a Measure of Policy Robustness in Reinforcement LearningJamali, N; Kormushev, P; Ahmadzadeh, SR; Caldwell, DG
14-Nov-2013Autonomous robotic valve turning: A hierarchical learning approachAhmadzadeh, SR; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
31-May-2015Learning symbolic representations of actions from human demonstrationsAhmadzadeh, SR; Paikan, A; Mastrogiovanni, F; Natale, L; Kormushev, P, et al
30-Nov-2013Interactive robot learning of visuospatial skillsAhmadzadeh, SR; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
30-Jun-2014Online discovery of AUV control policies to overcome thruster failuresAhmadzadeh, SR; Carrera, A; Leonetti, M; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
31-Dec-2014Multi-objective reinforcement learning for AUV thruster failure recoveryAhmadzadeh, SR; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
30-Sep-2013On-line learning to recover from thruster failures on autonomous underwater vehiclesLeonetti, M; Ahmadzadeh, SR; Kormushev, P
2-Sep-2013Online Direct Policy Search for Thruster Failure Recovery in Autonomous Underwater VehiclesAhmadzadeh, SR; Leonetti, M; Kormushev, P
30-Nov-2014Learning reactive robot behavior for autonomous valve turningAhmadzadeh, SR; Jamisola, RS; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG
3-Nov-2013Visuospatial Skill Learning for Object Reconfiguration TasksAhmadzadeh, SR; Kormushev, P; Caldwell, DG