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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2018The Combinator – a computer-based tool for creative idea generation based on a simulation approachHan, J; Shi, F; Chen, L; Childs, P
29-May-2017Between-leg coupling schemes for passively-adaptive non-redundant legged robotsKanner, O; Rojas, N; Dollar, AM
29-May-2017A two-fingered robot gripper with large object reorientation rangeBircher, WG; Dollar, AM; Rojas, N
13-Oct-20163D-Printed Structural PseudocapacitorsLiu, X; Jervis, R; Maher, RC; Villar Garcia, I; Naylor Marlow, M, et al
11-Jun-2016An investigation of involute and lead deflection in hot precision forging of gearsZuo, B; Wang, B; Li, Z; Li, N; Lin, J, et al
1-Dec-2016Using functional analysis diagrams to improve product reliability and costMichalakoudis, I; Childs, P; Aurisicchio, M; Harding, J; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
4-Jan-2017Supporting the development of shared understanding in distributed design teamsCash, P; Dekoninck, EA; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
22-May-2016Extension of internationalisation models: drivers and processes for the globalisation of product development – a comparison of Danish and Chinese engineering firmsSøndergaard, E; Oehmen, J; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
18-Oct-2016TauFactor: An open-source application for calculating tortuosity factors from tomographic dataCooper, SJ; Bertei, A; Shearing, PR; Kilner, JA; Brandon, NP, et al
26-Nov-2018A cross-cultural study of co-design: The impact of power distance on group dynamics in JapanTaoka, Y; Kagohashi, K; Mougenot, C