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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2015Visual divergence in humans and computersSosa, R; Rojas, N; Gero, JS; Xu, Q
22-Jun-2016Effect of long term driving on driver discomfort and its relationship with seat fidgets and movements (SFMs)Sammonds, GM; Fray, M; Mansfield, NJ
12-Oct-2016Using a bespoke situated digital kiosk to encourage user participation in healthcare environment designMackrill, JB; Mashall, P; Payne, SR; Dimitrokali, E; Cain, R
31-Aug-2016Design for Behaviour Change as a Driver for Sustainable Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation in the Private and Public SectorsNiedderer, K; Ludden, G; Clune, SJ; Lockton, D; Mackrill, J, et al
30-Sep-2013Improving the hospital 'soundscape': a framework to measure individual perceptual response to hospital soundsMackrill, JB; Jennings, PA; Cain, R
4-Jan-2017Supporting the development of shared understanding in distributed design teamsCash, P; Dekoninck, EA; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
17-Aug-2016An approach to vehicle design: in-depth audit to understand the needs of older driversKarali, S; Mansfield, NJ; Gyi, DE
22-Aug-2016Ranking of Design Journals Based on Results of the UK Research Excellence Framework: Using REF as RefereeMansfield, NJ
21-Nov-2016Investigating the influence of product perception and geometric featuresPerez Mata, M; Ahmed-Kristensen, S; Brockhoff, PB; Yanagisawa, H
1-Nov-2018A computational tool for creative idea generation based on analogical reasoning and ontologyHan, J; Shi, F; Chen, L; Childs, PRN