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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2015Nested Reconfigurable Robots: Theory, Design, and RealizationTan, N; Rojas, N; Elara Mohan, R; Kee, V; Sosa, R
1-Apr-2018Flexible all-fiber electrospun supercapacitorLiu, X; Naylor Marlow, M; Cooper, S; Song, B; Chen, X, et al
23-Mar-2018An easy-to-parameterise physics-informed battery model and its application towards lithium-ion battery cell design, diagnosis, and degradationMerla, Y; Wu, B; Yufit, V; Martinez-Botas, RF; Offer, GJ
1-Oct-2018Optimal logistics planning for modular construction using two-stage stochastic programmingHsu, P-Y; Panagiotis, A; Aurisicchio, M
11-Jun-2016An investigation of involute and lead deflection in hot precision forging of gearsZuo, B; Wang, B; Li, Z; Li, N; Lin, J
16-Sep-2016Extending battery life: A low-cost practical diagnostic technique for lithium-ion batteriesMerla, Y; Wu, B; Yufit, V; Brandon, NP; Martinez-Botas, R, et al
25-Jul-2017Simulated impedance of diffusion in porous mediaCooper, SJ; Bertei, A; Finegan, DP; Brandon, NP
18-Jul-2016A Mixed Reality System for Kansei-Based Co-Design of Highly-Customized ProductsArrighi, P-A; Maurya, S; Arai, K; Moriya, K; Mougenot, C
26-Jul-2018Speed vs efficiency and storage type in portable energy systemsKiziroglou, M; Cowell, M; Kumaravel, BT; Boyle, D; Evans, JW, et al
27-Sep-2017The comparison of two continuum damage mechanics-based material models for formability prediction of AA6082 under hot stamping conditionsShao, Z; Li, N; Lin, J