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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-May-2016The GR2 gripper: an underactuated hand for open-loop in-hand planar manipulationRojas, N; Ma, RR; Dollar, AM
1-Aug-2016Gross motion analysis of fingertip-based within-hand manipulationRojas, N; Dollar, AM
13-Feb-2013The univariate closure conditions of all fully parallel planar robots derived from a single polynomialN. Rojas; F. Thomas
18-May-2016Stable grip control on soft objects with time-varying stiffnessNanayakkara, T; Jiang, A; Del Rocío Armas Fernández, M; Liu, H; Althoefer, K, et al
23-Dec-2010The forward kinematics of 3-RPR planar robots: a review and a distance-based formulationN. Rojas; F. Thomas
1-Jun-2018Online impedance regulation techniques for compliant humanoid balancingSpyrakos-Papastavridis, E; Kashiri, N; Childs, PRN; Tsagarakis, NG
17-Mar-2016Task-space modular dynamics for dual-arms expressed through a relative JacobianJamisola, RS; Kormushev, P; Roberts, RG; Caldwell, DG
4-Jan-2017Supporting the development of shared understanding in distributed design teamsCash, P; Dekoninck, EA; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
13-Feb-2018Learning to exploit passive compliance for energy-efficient gait generation on a compliant humanoidKormushev, P; Ugurlu, B; Caldwell, DG; Tsagarakis, NG
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