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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-20163D Games for Tuning and Learning about Hearing AidsEastgate, R; Picinali, L; Patel, H; D'Cruz, M
13-Oct-20163D-Printed Structural PseudocapacitorsLiu, X; Jervis, R; Maher, RC; Villar Garcia, I; Naylor Marlow, M, et al
4-Jan-2017A low-cost soft tactile sensing array using 3D hall sensorsWang, H; De Boer, G; Kow, J; Ghajari, M; Alazmani, A, et al
11-May-2015A novel approach to gait synchronization and transition for reconfigurable walking platformsNansai, S; Rojas, N; Elara, MR; Sosa, R; Iwase, M
1-Apr-2015A novel regenerative hydrogen cerium fuel cell for energy storage applicationsHewa Dewage, HARINI; Wu, BILLY; Tsoi, ANTHONY; Yufit, VLADIMIR; Offer, GREGORY, et al
10-Nov-2016A systematic study on the use of short circuiting for the improvement of proton exchange membrane fuel cell performanceGupta, G; Wu, B; Mylius, S; Offer, GJ
29-May-2017A two-fingered robot gripper with large object reorientation rangeBircher, WG; Dollar, AM; Rojas, N
17-Aug-2016An approach to vehicle design: in-depth audit to understand the needs of older driversKarali, S; Mansfield, NJ; Gyi, DE
16-May-2016Argumentation and reasoning in design: An empirical analysis of the effects of verbal reasoning on idea value in group idea generationCramer-Petersen, CL; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
29-May-2017Between-leg coupling schemes for passively-adaptive non-redundant legged robotsKanner, O; Rojas, N; Dollar, AM
28-Mar-2016Classification and kinematic equivalents of contact types for fingertip-based robot hand manipulationRojas, N; Dollar, AM
2-Jan-2014Combined Effects of Long-Term Sitting and Whole-Body Vibration on Discomfort Onset for Vehicle OccupantsMansfield, NJ; Mackrill, J; Rimell, AN; MacMull, SJ
31-Dec-2016Computational modelling of traumatic brain injury predicts the location of chronic traumatic encephalopathy pathologyGhajari, M; Hellyer, P; Sharp, D
4-May-2017Contaminated interaction: another barrier to circular material flowsBaxter, W; Aurisicchio, M; Childs, PRN
31-Aug-2016Design for Behaviour Change as a Driver for Sustainable Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation in the Private and Public SectorsNiedderer, K; Ludden, G; Clune, SJ; Lockton, D; Mackrill, J, et al
24-Aug-2016Design Methodology for Magnetic Field-Based Soft Tri-Axis Tactile SensorsWang, H; De Boer, G; Kow, J; Alazmani, A; Ghajari, M, et al
29-Sep-2014Design principles for robot inclusive spaces: a case study with RoombaM. R. Elara; N. Rojas; A. Chua
16-May-2016Developing a support tool for global product development decisionsSoendergaard, E; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
5-Jun-2014Developing interior design briefs for health-care and well-being centres through public participationPayne, SR; Mackrill, J; Cain, R; Strelitz, J; Gate, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 70
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