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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2014Spin conservation in high-order-harmonic generation using bicircular fieldsPisanty, E; Sukiasyan, S; Ivanov, M
27-Jun-2014Femtosecond X-ray-induced explosion of C-60 at extreme intensityMurphy, BF; Osipov, T; Jurek, Z; Fang, L; Son, S-K, et al
30-Apr-2014Analysis of a measurement scheme for ultrafast hole dynamics by few femtosecond resolution X-ray pump-probe Auger spectroscopyCooper, B; Kolorenc, P; Frasinski, LJ; Averbukh, V; Marangos, JP
19-Aug-2014Vibrational branching ratios and hyperfine structure of 11BH and its suitability for laser coolingHendricks, RJ; Holland, DA; Truppe, S; Sauer, BE; Tarbutt, MR
16-May-2014Laser cooling and slowing of CaF moleculesZhelyazkova, V; Cournol, A; Wall, TE; Matsushima, A; Hudson, JJ, et al
18-Nov-2014Reexamination of pure qubit work extractionFrenzel, MF; Jennings, D; Rudolph, T
26-Nov-2014X-ray imaging of chemically active valence electrons during a pericyclic reactionBredtmann, T; Ivanov, M; Dixit, G; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
15-Apr-2014Observation of Quantum Interference in the Plasmonic Hong-Ou-Mandel EffectDi Martino, G; Sonnefraud, Y; Tame, MS; Kena-Cohen, S; Dieleman, F, et al
28-Oct-2014B-spline algebraic diagrammatic construction: Application to photoionization cross-sections and high-order harmonic generationRuberti, M; Averbukh, V; Decleva, P
29-Sep-2014Reconstruction of correlation-driven electron-hole dynamics by high-harmonic-generation spectroscopyLeeuwenburgh, J; Cooper, B; Averbukh, V; Marangos, JP; Ivanov, M