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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2015Ultrahigh and persistent optical depths of cesium in Kagome-type hollow-core photonic crystal fibersKaczmarek, KT; Saunders, DJ; Sprague, MR; Kolthammer, WS; Feizpour, A, et al
10-Apr-2017Distinguishability and Many-Particle InterferenceMenssen, AJ; Jones, AE; Metcalf, BJ; Tichy, MC; Barz, S, et al
6-Jul-2017Identification of nonclassical properties of light with multiplexing layoutsSperling, J; Eckstein, A; Clements, WR; Moore, M; Renema, JJ, et al
23-Oct-2017Gaussian optical Ising machinesClements, WR; Renema, JJ; Wen, YH; Chrzanowski, HM; Kolthammer, WS, et al
11-Jan-2017Chip-based array of near-identical, pure, heralded single-photon sourcesSpring, JB; Mennea, PL; Metcalf, BJ; Humphreys, PC; Gates, JC, et al
21-Apr-2017Detector-Independent Verification of Quantum LightSperling, J; Clements, WR; Eckstein, A; Moore, M; Renema, JJ, et al
21-Oct-2015Tomography of photon-number resolving continuous-output detectorsHumphreys, PC; Metcalf, BJ; Gerrits, T; Hiemstra, T; Lita, AE, et al
5-Dec-2016Quantum enhanced estimation of optical detector efficienciesBarbieri, M; Datta, A; Bartley, TJ; Jin, X-M; Kolthammer, WS, et al
12-Feb-2018On-chip III-V monolithic integration of heralded single photon sources and beamsplittersBelhassen, J; Baboux, F; Yao, Q; Amanti, M; Favero, I, et al
31-Oct-2017Using an imperfect photonic network to implement random unitariesBurgwal, R; Clements, WR; Smith, DH; Gates, JC; Kolthammer, WS, et al