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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Ultracold molecules for quantum simulation: rotational coherences in CaF and RbCsBlackmore, JA; Caldwell, L; Gregory, PD; Bridge, EM; Sawant, R, et al
18-Mar-2019Investigation of valence band reconstruction methods for attosecond streaking data from surfacesDrmota, P; Marangos, J; Greening, D; Tisch, J
1-Mar-2019Experimental test of contextuality in quantum and classical systemsZhang, A; Xu, H; Xie, J; Zhang, H; Smith, BJ, et al
25-Feb-2019Coherent fluctuation relations: from the abstract to the concreteHolmes, Z; Weidt, S; Jennings, D; Anders, J; Mintert, F, et al
18-May-2019Generation of mechanical interference fringes by multi-photon countingRingbauer, M; Weinhold, TJ; Howard, LA; White, AG; Vanner, MR
22-Feb-2019Laser cooling of moleculesTarbutt, MR; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
16-Jul-2019Deep laser cooling and effcient magnetic compression of moleculesCaldwell, L; Devlin, J; Williams, H; Fitch, N; Hinds, E, et al
19-Jul-2019Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processingStobiƄska, M; Buraczewski, A; Moore, M; Clements, WR; Renema, JJ, et al
2-Aug-2019Onset of ionic coherence and ultrafast charge dynamics in attosecond molecular ionisationRuberti, M
22-Jul-2019Completely positive divisibility does not mean markovianityMilz, S; Kim, MS; Pollock, FA; Modi, K; The Royal Society, et al