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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-May-2017High precision hyperfine measurements in Bismuth challenge bound-state strong-field QEDUllmann, J; Andelkovic, Z; Brandau, C; Dax, A; Geithner, W, et al
11-Oct-2016Rapid crystallization of externally produced ions in a Penning trapMurboeck, T; Schmidt, S; Birkl, G; Noertershaeuser, W; Thompson, RC, et al
1-Jan-2015Laser spectroscopy of the ground-state hyperfine structure in H-like and Li-like bismuthVollbrecht, J; Andelkovic, Z; Dax, A; Geithner, W; Geppert, C, et al
24-Oct-2017Sideband cooling of small ion Coulomb crystals in a Penning trapStutter, G; Hrmo, P; Jarlaud, V; Joshi, MK; Goodwin, JF, et al
1-Nov-2015Penning-trap experiments for spectroscopy of highly-charged ions at HITRAP.Vogel, M; Andelkovic, Z; Birkl, G; Ebrahimi, S; Hannen, V, et al
6-Apr-2016Resolved-sideband laser cooling in a penning trapGoodwin, JF; Stutter, G; Thompson, RC; Segal, DM; Commission of the European Communities, et al
1-Jan-2018Professor Danny Segal - scientist and scholarThompson, RC
11-Sep-2015Trapped-ion quantum error-correcting protocols using only global operationsGoodwin, JF; Brown, BJ; Stutter, G; Dale, H; Thompson, RC, et al
7-Oct-2013Control of the conformations of ion Coulomb crystals in a Penning trapMavadia, S; Goodwin, JF; Stutter, G; Bharadia, S; Crick, DR, et al
8-Sep-2014Observation of the hyperfine transition in lithium-like bismuth Bi-209(80+) : Towards a test of QED in strong magnetic fieldsLochmann, M; Joehren, R; Geppert, C; Andelkovic, Z; Anielski, D, et al