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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2010Auger Electron Angular Distribution of Double Core-Hole States in the Molecular Reference FrameCryan, JP; Glownia, JM; Andreasson, J; Belkacem, A; Berrah, N, et al
1-May-2010Revealing molecular structure and dynamics through high-order harmonic generation driven by mid-IR fieldsTorres, R; Siegel, T; Brugnera, L; Procino, I; Underwood, JG, et al
21-Jun-2012Transient X-Ray Fragmentation: Probing a Prototypical Photoinduced Ring OpeningPetrovic, VS; Siano, M; White, JL; Berrah, N; Bostedt, C, et al
30-Apr-2014Analysis of a measurement scheme for ultrafast hole dynamics by few femtosecond resolution X-ray pump-probe Auger spectroscopyCooper, B; Kolorenc, P; Frasinski, LJ; Averbukh, V; Marangos, JP
7-Oct-2011Trajectory Selection in High Harmonic Generation by Controlling the Phase between Orthogonal Two-Color FieldsBrugnera, L; Hoffmann, DJ; Siegel, T; Frank, F; Zair, A, et al
16-Apr-2015Temporal broadening of attosecond photoelectron wavepackets from solid surfacesOkell, WA; Witting, T; Fabris, D; Arrell, CA; Hengster, J, et al
15-May-2016Self-referenced characterization of space-time couplings in near single-cycle laser pulsesWitting, T; Austin, DR; Barilot, T; Greening, D; Matia-Hernando, P, et al
12-Aug-2016Polarisation response of delay dependent absorption modulation in strong field dressed helium atoms probed near thresholdSimpson, ER; Sanchez-Gonzalez, A; Austin, DR; Diveki, Z; Hutchinson, SEE, et al
31-May-2016Development of high harmonic generation spectroscopy of organic molecules and biomoleculesMarangos, JP; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
7-Sep-2017X-ray Free Electron Laser Determination of Crystal Structures of Dark and Light States of a Reversibly Photoswitching Fluorescent Protein at Room Temperature.Hutchison, CDM; Cordon-Preciado, V; Morgan, RML; Nakane, T; Ferreira, J, et al