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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2000Entangling atoms and ions in dissipative environmentsBeige, A; Bose, S; Braun, D; Huelga, SF; Knight, PL, et al
15-Dec-1997Decoherence and quantum error correctionKnight, PL; Plenio, MB; Vedral, V
1-May-2002Propagation and nonlinear generation dynamics in a coherently prepared four-level systemPaspalakis, E; Kylstra, NJ; Knight, PL
1-Jan-2011An array of integrated atom-photon junctionsKohnen, M; Succo, M; Petrov, PG; Nyman, RA; Trupke, M, et al
1-Nov-1996Conditional probabilities for a single photon at a beam splitterJacobs, K; Knight, PL
17-Sep-2001Light-shift-induced quantum gates for ions in thermal motionJonathan, D; Plenio, MB
1-Sep-2005Quantum information and triangular optical latticesKay, A; Lee, DKK; Pachos, JK; Plenio, MB; Reuter, ME, et al
1-Sep-1997Cavity QED with cold trapped ionsBuzek, V; Drobny, G; Kim, MS; Adam, G; Knight, PL
1-Feb-2003Intensity-dependent dispersion under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency in coherently prepared multistate atomsGreentree, AD; Richards, D; Vaccaro, JA; Durrant, AV; de Echaniz, SR, et al
1-Jul-1998Decoherence in nonclassical motional states of a trapped ionMurao, M; Knight, PL