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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2016A stable, single-photon emitter in a thin organic crystal for application to quantum-photonic devicesPolisseni, C; Major, K; Boissier, S; Grandi, S; Clark, A, et al
10-Feb-2016Quasi-autonomous quantum thermal machines and quantum to classical energy flowFrenzel, MF; Jennings, D; Rudolph, T; The Royal Society
10-Mar-2016Gravitational effects in quantum mechanicsPlato, ADK; Hughes, CN; Kim, MS; Commission of the European Communities; The Leverhulme Trust
18-Sep-2018Deterministic preparation of highly non-classical macroscopic quantum statesLatmiral, L; Mintert, F
18-Mar-2016Universal continuous-variable state orthogonalizer and qubit generatorCoehlho, AS; Costanzo, LS; Zavatta, A; Hughes, C; Kim, M, et al
15-May-2016Self-referenced characterization of space-time couplings in near single-cycle laser pulsesWitting, T; Austin, DR; Barilot, T; Greening, D; Matia-Hernando, P, et al
18-Nov-2014Reexamination of pure qubit work extractionFrenzel, MF; Jennings, D; Rudolph, T
11-Oct-2016Rapid crystallization of externally produced ions in a Penning trapMurboeck, T; Schmidt, S; Birkl, G; Noertershaeuser, W; Thompson, RC, et al
11-Oct-2017Quantum limits to gravity estimation with optomechanicsArmata, F; Latmiral, L; Plato, ADK; Kim, MS; Commission of the European Communities, et al
29-Mar-2017Laser spectroscopy measurement of the 2s-hyperfine splitting in lithium-like bismuthSanchez, R; Lochmann, M; Joehren, R; Andelkovic, Z; Anielski, D, et al