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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2015Temporal broadening of attosecond photoelectron wavepackets from solid surfacesOkell, WA; Witting, T; Fabris, D; Arrell, CA; Hengster, J, et al
11-Jul-2018An experimental quantum bernoulli factoryPatel, RB; Rudolph, T; Pryde, GJ; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
12-Dec-2013Measurement of the lowest millimeter-wave transition frequency of the CH radicalTruppe, S; Hendricks, RJ; Hinds, EA; Tarbutt, MR; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
19-Aug-2014Vibrational branching ratios and hyperfine structure of 11BH and its suitability for laser coolingHendricks, RJ; Holland, DA; Truppe, S; Sauer, BE; Tarbutt, MR
15-Oct-2013A search for varying fundamental constants using hertz-level frequency measurements of cold CH moleculesTruppe, S; Hendricks, RJ; Tokunaga, SK; Lewandowski, HJ; Kozlov, MG, et al
16-May-2014Laser cooling and slowing of CaF moleculesZhelyazkova, V; Cournol, A; Wall, TE; Matsushima, A; Hudson, JJ, et al
1-Dec-2018Driven-dissipative non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensation of less than ten photonsWalker, BT; Flatten, LC; Hesten, HJ; Mintert, F; Hunger, D, et al
11-Apr-2017Reconstruction of the Jaynes-Cummings field state of ionic motion in a harmonic trapLv, D; An, S; Um, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, J-N, et al
16-May-2017High precision hyperfine measurements in Bismuth challenge bound-state strong-field QEDUllmann, J; Andelkovic, Z; Brandau, C; Dax, A; Geithner, W, et al
13-Mar-2018Multi-channel dynamics in high harmonic generation of aligned CO₂: ab initio analysis with time-dependent B-spline algebraic diagrammatic constructionRuberti, M; Decleva, P; Averbukh, V