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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2012Probing Planck-scale physics with quantum opticsPikovski, I; Vanner, MR; Aspelmeyer, M; Kim, MS; Brukner, C
2-Jul-2015Covariance mapping of two-photon double core hole states in C2H2 and C2H6 produced by an x-ray free electron laserMucke, M; Zhaunerchyk, V; Frasinski, LJ; Squibb, RJ; Siano, M, et al
27-Jun-2014Femtosecond X-ray-induced explosion of C-60 at extreme intensityMurphy, BF; Osipov, T; Jurek, Z; Fang, L; Son, S-K, et al
30-Apr-2014Analysis of a measurement scheme for ultrafast hole dynamics by few femtosecond resolution X-ray pump-probe Auger spectroscopyCooper, B; Kolorenc, P; Frasinski, LJ; Averbukh, V; Marangos, JP
13-Aug-2013Dynamics of hollow atom formation in intense x-ray pulses probed by partial covariance mappingFrasinski, LJ; Zhaunerchyk, V; Mucke, M; Squibb, RJ; Siano, M, et al
7-Oct-2011Trajectory Selection in High Harmonic Generation by Controlling the Phase between Orthogonal Two-Color FieldsBrugnera, L; Hoffmann, DJ; Siegel, T; Frank, F; Zair, A, et al
27-Sep-2011Pulsed quantum optomechanicsVanner, MR; Pikovski, I; Cole, GD; Kim, MS; Brukner, C, et al
27-Jan-2015Corrigendum: Quantum steering ellipsoids, extremal physical states and monogamy (2014 New J. Phys. 16 083017)Milne, A; Jevtic, S; Jennings, D; Wiseman, H; Rudolph, T
9-Sep-2015Robust control of long-distance entanglement in disordered spin chainsCui, J; Mintert, F
16-Apr-2018Magnetic trapping and coherent control of laser-cooled moleculesWilliams, HJ; Caldwell, L; Fitch, NJ; Truppe, S; Rodewald, J, et al