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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2013Coulomb explosion of diatomic molecules in intense XUV fields mapped by partial covarianceKornilov, O; Eckstein, M; Rosenblatt, M; Schulz, CP; Motomura, K, et al
1-Apr-2015Quantum coherence, time-translation symmetry, and thermodynamicsLostaglio, M; Korzekwa, K; Jennings, D; Rudolph, T
5-Nov-2017A buffer gas beam source for short, intense and slow molecular pulsesTruppe, S; Hambach, M; Skoff, S; Bulleid, N; Bumby, J, et al
14-Jul-2015Weak values in a classical theory with an epistemic restrictionKaranjai, A; Cavalcanti, EG; Bartlett, SD; Rudolph, T
2-Nov-2015Modeling magneto-optical trapping of CaF moleculesTarbutt, MR; Steimle, TC
16-Oct-2014Spin conservation in high-order-harmonic generation using bicircular fieldsPisanty, E; Sukiasyan, S; Ivanov, M
21-Jun-2012Transient X-Ray Fragmentation: Probing a Prototypical Photoinduced Ring OpeningPetrovic, VS; Siano, M; White, JL; Berrah, N; Bostedt, C, et al
22-Aug-2012Traveling-wave deceleration of heavy polar molecules in low-field-seeking statesBulleid, NE; Hendricks, RJ; Hinds, EA; Meek, SA; Meijer, G, et al
31-Oct-2012Measurement of the electron's electric dipole moment using YbF molecules: methods and data analysisKara, DM; Smallman, IJ; Hudson, JJ; Sauer, BE; Tarbutt, MR, et al
9-Oct-2012Distinct Quantum States Can Be Compatible with a Single State of RealityLewis, PG; Jennings, D; Barrett, J; Rudolph, T