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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2014A simple electron time-of-flight spectrometer for ultrafast vacuum ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy of liquid solutionsArrell, CA; Ojeda, J; Sabbar, M; Okell, WA; Witting, T, et al
19-May-2014Optimization of quantum trajectories driven by strong-field waveformsHaessler, S; Balciunas, T; Fan, G; Andriukaitis, G; Pugzlys, A, et al
8-Sep-2014Observation of the hyperfine transition in lithium-like bismuth Bi-209(80+) : Towards a test of QED in strong magnetic fieldsLochmann, M; Joehren, R; Geppert, C; Andelkovic, Z; Anielski, D, et al
30-Apr-2014Theory and simulations of covariance mapping in multiple dimensions for data analysis in high-event-rate experimentsZhaunerchyk, V; Frasinski, LJ; Eland, JHD; Feifel, R
21-Jan-2014Tunable negative permeability in a quantum plasmonic metamaterialMcEnery, KR; Tame, MS; Maier, SA; Kim, MS
7-Aug-2014Quantum steering ellipsoids, extremal physical states and monogamyMilne, A; Jevtic, S; Jennings, D; Wiseman, H; Rudolph, T
1-Jan-2014Theory and simulation of ion Coulomb crystal formation in a Penning trapAsprusten, M; Worthington, S; Thompson, RC
6-Mar-2014Optical sideband spectroscopy of a single ion in a Penning trapMavadia, S; Stutter, G; Goodwin, JF; Crick, DR; Thompson, RC, et al
21-Aug-2014Quantum non-Markovianity: characterization, quantification and detection.Rivas, Á; Huelga, SF; Plenio, MB
29-Sep-2014Quantifying coherenceBaumgratz, T; Cramer, M; Plenio, MB