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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-1999Proposal for teleportation of an atomic state via cavity decayBose, S; Knight, PL; Plenio, MB; Vedral, V
1-May-1997Generation of mesoscopic superpositions of two squeezed states of motion for a trapped ionGou, SC; Steinbach, J; Knight, PL
1-Aug-1996Trapped ions as vibrational beam splitters: SU(2) states in a two-dimensional ion trapGou, SC; Knight, PL
1-May-1997Two-photon parametric pumping versus two-photon absorption: A quantum jump approachGuerra, ES; Garraway, BM; Knight, PL
15-Dec-1999The influence of density of modes on dark lines in spontaneous emissionPaspalakis, E; Angelakis, DG; Knight, PL
1-Jul-1996Entropic measure of wave-packet spreading and ionization in laser-driven atomsWatson, JB; Keitel, CH; Knight, PL; Burnett, K
1-Sep-1996Field quantization in dielectric media and the generalized multipolar HamiltonianDalton, BJ; Guerra, ES; Knight, PL
1-May-1997Broadcasting of entanglement via local copyingBuzek, V; Vedral, V; Plenio, MB; Knight, PL; Hillery, M
8-Oct-1997Decoherence limits to quantum computation using trapped ionsPlenio, MB; Knight, PL
1-Jul-1999Numerical simulations of atomic decay in cavities and material mediaBuzek, V; Drobny, G; Kim, EG; Havukainen, M; Knight, PL