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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-1999Ion trap quantum gates, decoherence and error correctionKnight, PL; Murao, M; Plenio, MB; Vedral, V
8-Dec-1997Strong field ionization in arbitrary laser polarizationsProtopapas, M; Lappas, DG; Knight, PL
1-Jan-1997Phase of harmonics from strongly driven two-level atomsGauthey, FI; Keitel, CH; Knight, PL; Maquet, A
24-Mar-1997Quantifying entanglementVedral, V; Plenio, MB; Rippin, MA; Knight, PL
1-May-1996Spontaneous emission in a planar Fabry-Perot microcavityDutra, SM; Knight, PL
1-Apr-1998Linear quantum trajectories: Applications to continuous projection measurementsJacobs, K; Knight, PL
1-Jan-1996Role of electromagnetically induced transparency in resonant four-wave-mixing schemes.Petch, JC; Keitel, CH; Knight, PL; Marangos, JP
8-Mar-1999Transparency induced via decay interferencePaspalakis, E; Kylstra, NJ; Knight, PL
1-Mar-1997Quantum interference in three-photon down-conversionBanaszek, K; Knight, PL
1-Feb-1997Wave-packet recollision and pulse-shape effects in high-harmonic generationWatson, JB; Sanpera, A; Burnett, K; Knight, PL