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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-1999Cavity-loss-induced generation of entangled atomsPlenio, MB; Huelga, SF; Beige, A; Knight, PL
1-Jan-1999High-order nonlinearities in the motion of a trapped atomWallentowitz, S; Vogel, W; Knight, PL
1-Oct-1997High harmonic generation and periodic level crossingsGauthey, FI; Garraway, BM; Knight, PL
15-Aug-1998Implementations of quantum logic: fundamental and experimental limitsBose, S; Knight, PL; Murao, M; Plenio, MB; Vedral, V
1-Aug-1996Dark pair coherent states of the motion of a trapped ionGou, SC; Steinbach, J; Knight, PL
1-Dec-1997Statistical inference, distinguishability of quantum states, and quantum entanglementVedral, V; Plenio, MB; Jacobs, K; Knight, PL
1-Oct-1998Stabilization with arbitrary laser polarizationsPatel, A; Protopapas, M; Lappas, DG; Knight, PL
1-Jun-1998Multiparticle entanglement purification protocolsMurao, M; Plenio, MB; Popescu, S; Vedral, V; Knight, PL
1-May-1996Realistic lower bounds for the factorization time of large numbers on a quantum computer.Plenio, MB; Knight, PL
1-Dec-1998Fluorescence control through multiple interference mechanismsPaspalakis, E; Keitel, CH; Knight, PL