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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2015Single-shot implementation of dispersion-scan for the characterization of ultrashort laser pulsesFabris, D; Holgado, W; Silva, F; Witting, T; Tisch, JWG, et al
1-Aug-2008Dynamic two-center interference in high-order harmonic generation from molecules with attosecond nuclear motionBaker, S; Robinson, JS; Lein, M; Chirila, CC; Torres, R, et al
7-Oct-2011Trajectory Selection in High Harmonic Generation by Controlling the Phase between Orthogonal Two-Color FieldsBrugnera, L; Hoffmann, DJ; Siegel, T; Frank, F; Zair, A, et al
16-Apr-2015Temporal broadening of attosecond photoelectron wavepackets from solid surfacesOkell, WA; Witting, T; Fabris, D; Arrell, CA; Hengster, J, et al
15-May-2016Self-referenced characterization of space-time couplings in near single-cycle laser pulsesWitting, T; Austin, DR; Barilot, T; Greening, D; Matia-Hernando, P, et al
14-Oct-2016Spatio-temporal characterization of intense few-cycle 2 μm pulsesAustin, DR; Witting, T; Sebastien, J; Ye, P; Siegel, T, et al
1-Sep-2017Towards XUV pump-probe experiments in the femtosecond to sub-femtosecond regime: New measurement of the helium two-photon ionization cross-sectionBarillot, TR; Matia-Hernando, P; Greening, D; Walke, DJ; Witting, T, et al
14-Feb-2017Angle-resolved coherent wave mixing using a 4 fs ultra-broad bandwidth laserMercer, IP; Witting, T; Driver, T; Cogdell, RJ; Marangos, JP, et al
1-Aug-2018Apparatus for soft x-ray table-top high harmonic generationJohnson, AS; Wood, D; Austin, DR; Brahms, C; Gregory, A, et al
1-Mar-2018Enhanced attosecond pulse generation in the vacuum ultraviolet using a two-colour driving field for high harmonic generationMatia-Hernando, P; Witting, T; Walke, DJ; Marangos, JP; Tisch, JWG, et al