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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2016Submillikelvin dipolar molecules in a radio-frequency magneto-optical trapNorrgard, EB; McCarron, DJ; Steinecker, MH; Tarbutt, MR; DeMille, D
11-Jun-2018Chirp-control of resonant high-order harmonic generation in indium ablation plumes driven by intense few-cycle laser pulsesTisch, JWG; Abdelrahman, Z; Khokhlova, M; Walke, D; Witting, T, et al
22-Jul-2016Role of tunnel ionization in high harmonic generation from substituted benzenes.Austin, DR; McGrath, F; Miseikis, L; Wood, D; Hawkins, P, et al
27-Apr-2016Tolerance in the Ramsey interference of a trapped nanodiamondKim, MS; Wan, C; Scala, M; Bose, S; Frangeskou, AC, et al
21-Dec-2016Observing coherence effects in an overdamped quantum systemLien, Y-H; Barontini, G; Scheucher, M; Mergenthaler, M; Goldwin, J, et al
28-Aug-2017Molecules cooled below the Doppler limitTruppe, S; Williams, HJ; Hambach, M; Caldwell, L; Fitch, NJ, et al
28-Oct-2015Disentangling formation of multiple-core holes in aminophenol molecules exposed to bright X-FEL radiationZhaunerchyk, V; Kaminska, M; Mucke, M; Squibb, RJ; Eland, JHD, et al
18-Feb-2016The extraction of work from quantum coherenceKorzekwa, K; Lostaglio, M; Jennings, D; Oppenheim, J
10-Sep-2015Ultrafast isomerization initiated by X-ray core ionizationLiekhus-Schmaltz, CE; Tenney, I; Osipov, T; Sanchez-Gonzalez, A; Berrah, N, et al
16-Apr-2014Momentum transfers in correlation-assisted tunnelingPisanty, E; Ivanov, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)