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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2010Auger Electron Angular Distribution of Double Core-Hole States in the Molecular Reference FrameCryan, JP; Glownia, JM; Andreasson, J; Belkacem, A; Berrah, N, et al
1-May-2010Revealing molecular structure and dynamics through high-order harmonic generation driven by mid-IR fieldsTorres, R; Siegel, T; Brugnera, L; Procino, I; Underwood, JG, et al
1-Feb-2003Intensity-dependent dispersion under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency in coherently prepared multistate atomsGreentree, AD; Richards, D; Vaccaro, JA; Durrant, AV; de Echaniz, SR, et al
1-Feb-2003Orientation dependence of high-order harmonic generation in moleculesLein, M; Corso, PP; Marangos, JP; Knight, PL
1-Jan-2005Signatures of molecular structure in the strong-field response of aligned moleculesLein, M; de Nalda, R; Heesel, E; Hay, N; Springate, E, et al
1-Nov-2001Observation of transient gain without population inversion in a laser-cooled rubidium Lambda systemde Echaniz, SR; Greentree, AD; Durrant, AV; Segal, DM; Marangos, JP, et al
6-May-2002Role of the intramolecular phase in high-harmonic generation.Lein, M; Hay, N; Velotta, R; Marangos, JP; Knight, PL
1-May-2002Resonant and off-resonant transients in electromagnetically induced transparency: Turn-on and turn-off dynamicsGreentree, AD; Smith, TB; de Echaniz, SR; Durrant, AV; Marangos, JP, et al
1-Aug-2008Dynamic two-center interference in high-order harmonic generation from molecules with attosecond nuclear motionBaker, S; Robinson, JS; Lein, M; Chirila, CC; Torres, R, et al
1-Jan-1996Role of electromagnetically induced transparency in resonant four-wave-mixing schemes.Petch, JC; Keitel, CH; Knight, PL; Marangos, JP