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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-1997Cavity QED with cold trapped ionsBuzek, V; Drobny, G; Kim, MS; Adam, G; Knight, PL
1-Mar-2002Entanglement by a beam splitter: Nonclassicality as a prerequisite for entanglementKim, MS; Son, W; Buzek, V; Knight, PL
28-Sep-2016Free nano-object Ramsey interferometry for large quantum superpositionsKim, MS; Wan, C; Scala, M; Morley, GW; Rahman, ATMA, et al
1-Feb-2005Vibrational coherent quantum computationPaternostro, M; Kim, MS; Knight, PL
1-May-2012Probing Planck-scale physics with quantum opticsPikovski, I; Vanner, MR; Aspelmeyer, M; Kim, MS; Brukner, C
27-Sep-2011Pulsed quantum optomechanicsVanner, MR; Pikovski, I; Cole, GD; Kim, MS; Brukner, C, et al
11-Apr-2017Reconstruction of the Jaynes-Cummings field state of ionic motion in a harmonic trapLv, D; An, S; Um, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, J-N, et al
10-Mar-2016Gravitational effects in quantum mechanicsPlato, ADK; Hughes, CN; Kim, MS; Commission of the European Communities; The Leverhulme Trust
11-Oct-2017Quantum limits to gravity estimation with optomechanicsArmata, F; Latmiral, L; Plato, ADK; Kim, MS; Commission of the European Communities, et al
5-Jun-2018Tensor network states in time-bin quantum opticsLubasch, M; Valido, AA; Renema, JJ; Kolthammer, WS; Jaksch, D, et al