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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2000Driving atoms into decoherence-free statesBeige, A; Braun, D; Knight, PL
1-Mar-2004Improving single-photon sources via linear optics and photodetectionBerry, DW; Scheel, S; Sanders, BC; Knight, PL
1-Apr-2003Hot entanglement in a simple dynamical modelScheel, S; Eisert, J; Knight, PL; Plenio, MB
1-May-2000Transient properties of modified reservoir-induced transparencyAngelakis, DG; Paspalakis, E; Knight, PL
23-Aug-2007Fast cooling of trapped ions using the dynamical Stark shiftRetzker, A; Plenio, MB
28-Dec-2008Ab initio calculation of interatomic decay rates of excited doubly ionized states in clustersKolorenc, P; Averbukh, V; Gokhberg, K; Cederbaum, LS
1-Nov-2000Optimal local implementation of nonlocal quantum gatesEisert, J; Jacobs, K; Papadopoulos, P; Plenio, MB
1-Oct-2000Fast quantum gates for cold trapped ionsJonathan, D; Plenio, MB; Knight, PL
30-Oct-2009Collective Interatomic Decay of Multiple Vacancies in ClustersAverbukh, V; Kolorenc, P
8-Nov-2006When are correlations quantum? verification and quantification of entanglement by simple measurementsAudenaert, KMR; Plenio, MB