The Herschel-SPIRE Legacy Survey (HSLS): the scientific goals of a shallow and wide submillimeter imaging survey with SPIRE

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Title: The Herschel-SPIRE Legacy Survey (HSLS): the scientific goals of a shallow and wide submillimeter imaging survey with SPIRE
Authors: Cooray, A
Eales, S
Chapman, S
Clements, DL
Dore, O
Farrah, D
Jarvis, MJ
Kaplinghat, M
Negrello, M
Melchiorri, A
Peiris, H
Pope, A
Santos, MG
Serjeant, S
Thompson, M
White, G
Amblard, A
Banerji, M
Corasaniti, P-S
Das, S
De_Bernardis, F
De_Zotti, G
Giannantonio, T
Gonzalez, JG-N
Khostovan, AA
Mitchell-Wynne, K
Serra, P
Song, Y-S
Vieira, J
Wang, L
Zemcov, M
Abdalla, F
Afonso, J
Aghanim, N
Andreani, P
Aretxaga, I
Auld, R
Baes, M
Baker, A
Barkats, D
Barreiro, RB
Bartolo, N
Barton, E
Barway, S
Battistelli, ES
Baugh, C
Beelen, A
Benabed, K
Blain, A
Bland-Hawthorn, J
Bock, JJ
Bond, JR
Borrill, J
Borys, C
Boselli, A
Bouchet, FR
Bridge, C
Brighenti, F
Buat, V
Buote, D
Burgarella, D
Bussmann, R
Calabrese, E
Cantalupo, C
Carlberg, R
Carvalho, CS
Casey, C
Cava, A
Cepa, J
Chapin, E
Chary, RR
Chen, X
Colafrancesco, S
Cole, S
Coles, P
Conley, A
Conversi, L
Cooke, J
Crawford, S
Cress, C
Cunha, ED
Dalton, G
Danese, L
Dannerbauer, H
Davies, J
Bernardis, PD
Putter, RD
Devlin, M
Diego, JM
Dole, H
Douspis, M
Dunkley, J
Dunlop, J
Dunne, L
Dunner, R
Dye, S
Efstathiou, G
Egami, E
Fang, T
Ferrero, P
Franceschini, A
Frazer, CC
Frayer, D
Frenk, C
Ganga, K
Gavazzi, R
Glenn, J
Gong, Y
Gonzalez-Solares, E
Griffin, M
Guo, Q
Gurwell, M
Hajian, A
Halpern, M
Hanson, D
Hardcastle, M
Hatziminaoglou, E
Heavens, A
Heinis, S
Herranz, D
Hilton, M
Ho, S
Holwerda, BW
Hopwood, R
Horner, J
Huffenberger, K
Hughes, DH
Hughes, JP
Ibar, E
Ivison, R
Jackson, N
Jaffe, A
Jenness, T
Joncas, G
Joudaki, S
Kaviraj, S
Kim, S
King, L
Kisner, T
Knapen, J
Kniazev, A
Komatsu, E
Koopmans, L
Kuo, C-L
Lacey, C
Lahav, O
Lasenby, AN
Lawrence, A
Lee, MG
Leeuw, LL
Levenson, LR
Lewis, G
Loaring, N
Lopez-Caniego, M
Maddox, S
Marriage, T
Marsden, G
Martinez-Gonzalez, E
Masi, S
Matarrese, S
Mathews, WG
Matsuura, S
McMahon, R
Mellier, Y
Menanteau, F
Michalowski, MJ
Millea, M
Mobasher, B
Mohanty, S
Montier, L
Moodley, K
Moriarty-Schieven, GH
Mortier, A
Munshi, D
Murphy, E
Nandra, K
Natoli, P
Nguyen, H
Oliver, S
Omont, A
Page, L
Page, M
Paladini, R
Pandolfi, S
Pascale, E
Patanchon, G
Peacock, J
Pearson, C
Perez-Fournon, I
Perez-Gonz, PG
Piacentini, F
Pierpaoli, E
Pohlen, M
Pointecouteau, E
Polenta, G
Rawlings, J
Reese, ED
Rigby, E
Rodighiero, G
Romero-Colmenero, E
Roseboom, I
Rowan-Robinson, M
Sanchez-Portal, M
Schmidt, F
Schneider, M
Schulz, B
Scott, D
Sedgwick, C
Sehgal, N
Seymour, N
Sherwin, BD
Short, J
Shupe, D
Sievers, J
Skibba, R
Smidt, J
Smith, A
Smith, DJB
Smith, MWL
Spergel, D
Staggs, S
Stevens, J
Switzer, E
Takagi, T
Takeuchi, T
Temi, P
Trichas, M
Trigilio, C
Tugwell, K
Umana, G
Vacca, W
Vaccari, M
Vaisanen, P
Valtchanov, I
Heyden, KVD
Werf, PPVD
Van_Kampen, E
Van_Waerbeke, L
Vegetti, S
Veneziani, M
Verde, L
Verma, A
Vielva, P
Viero, MP
Vilaro, BV
Wardlow, J
Wilson, G
Wright, EL
Xu, CK
Yun, MS
Item Type: Other
Abstract: A large sub-mm survey with Herschel will enable many exciting science opportunities, especially in an era of wide-field optical and radio surveys and high resolution cosmic microwave background experiments. The Herschel-SPIRE Legacy Survey (HSLS), will lead to imaging data over 4000 sq. degrees at 250, 350, and 500 micron. Major Goals of HSLS are: (a) produce a catalog of 2.5 to 3 million galaxies down to 26, 27 and 33 mJy (50% completeness; 5 sigma confusion noise) at 250, 350 and 500 micron, respectively, in the southern hemisphere (3000 sq. degrees) and in an equatorial strip (1000 sq. degrees), areas which have extensive multi-wavelength coverage and are easily accessible from ALMA. Two thirds of the of the sources are expected to be at z > 1, one third at z > 2 and about a 1000 at z > 5. (b) Remove point source confusion in secondary anisotropy studies with Planck and ground-based CMB data. (c) Find at least 1200 strongly lensed bright sub-mm sources leading to a 2% test of general relativity. (d) Identify 200 proto-cluster regions at z of 2 and perform an unbiased study of the environmental dependence of star formation. (e) Perform an unbiased survey for star formation and dust at high Galactic latitude and make a census of debris disks and dust around AGB stars and white dwarfs.
Copyright Statement: © The Authors
Keywords: astro-ph.CO
Notes: White paper supplement to the proposal submitted by the HSLS science team to ESA for Herschel open-time programs
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