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12-Nov-2014A computed mechanistic pathway for the formation of an amide from an acid and an amine in non-polar solution.Rzepa, HS
9-Jun-2015A generalized Derjaguin approximation for electrical-double-layer interactions at arbitrary separationsSchnitzer, O
16-Oct-2014A Molecular Complex with a Formally Neutral Iron-germanide Motif (Fe2Ge2)Rzepa, HS; Scheschkewitz, D; Huch, V; Jana, A
31-Aug-2015A Unified Approach for Patterning via Frontal PhotopolymerizationMatar, OK
29-Jun-2018adfm.201802520 DatasetPont, S
6-Nov-2018All Fish catch data at the SAFE project 2011-2017.Wilkinson, C
3-Dec-2012American College Football Network FilesEvans, T
1-Jul-2015An in-depth numerical study of the two-dimensional Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equationPapageorgiou, DT
6-Apr-2014Asymmetric epoxidation: a twinned laboratory and molecular modelling experimentRzepa, HS; Hii, M; H. Smith, E
1-Mar-2018Characterization of NAD(P)H and FAD autofluorescence signatures in an isolated-perfused rat heart modelDe Jesus Reis Lagarto, J; Dyer, B; Talbot, C; Peters, N; French, P, et al
4-Nov-2014Chiroptical properties of streptorubin BRzepa, HS; M. Lobo, A; S. Andrade, M; S Silva, V; M. Lourenco, A
18-Jan-2015Chiroptical studies on brevianamide B: Vibrational and Electronic Circular Dichroism confrontedRzepa, HS; Cherblanc, F; Fuchter, M; Herrebout, W; Pei Lo, Y, et al
5-Feb-2019chrisjsewell/ipypublish: Handle Cell AttachmentsSewell, C; Evans, O; Stonebig
30-Jan-2019chrisjsewell/ipypublish: Improved the `dict_to_kwds` filter and added `biboptions` metatagSewell, C; Evans, O; Stonebig
21-Jan-2019chrisjsewell/ipypublish: version bump to initiate ZenodoSewell, C; Evans, O
15-Jan-2019Code and data for "Current fossil fuel infrastructure does not yet commit us to 1.5°C warming"Rogelj, J; Smith, C; Forster, P; Allen, M; Fuglestvedt, J, et al
27-Feb-2017Code used for the numerical experiments in "Spectral methods for multiscale stochastic differential equations".Vaes, U
31-Mar-2017CombinedLimitWardle, N; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
27-Feb-2015Computed conformations of cis-dinaphthylethene 1Rzepa, HS; E.Weston, C; K. Kuimova, M; D. Richardson, R; G. J. Baud, M, et al
4-Dec-2018coneoproject/COFFEE: A Compiler for Fast Expression EvaluationHam, D; Luporini, F; Mitchell, L; Homolya, M; Gibson, TH, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 117