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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2018DriftfusionCalado, P; Barnes, PRF; Azzouzi, M; Hilton, B; Gelmetti, I, et al
17-May-2018Sparks et al, Heterogeneity in tumor chromatin-doxorubicin binding revealed by in vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging confocal endomicroscopy: MATLAB codeSparks, H; Munro, I; Warren, S
21-Jan-2019chrisjsewell/ipypublish: version bump to initiate ZenodoSewell, C; Evans, O
16-Feb-2019iml-wg/HEP-ML-Resources: 2018Stoye, M; Feickert, M; Paganini, M; Canmer, K; Steinen, B, et al
9-Jan-2019ganga-devs/ganga: 7.1.9Egede, U; Currie, R; Smith, M; Slater, M; Williams, M, et al
13-Nov-2018Inapp: Reconstruction of Inapplicable Discrete Characters on Phylogenetic TreesBrazeau, M; Guillerme, T; Smith, MR; Commission of the European Communities
8-Nov-2018JuliaMatrices/LowRankApprox.jl: Fix compile timeOlver, S; Ho, K; Kelman, T; Slevinksy, RM
20-Jun-2016The MICE Analysis User Software (MAUS)Bayes, R; Bogomilov, M; Carlisle, T; Dobbs, AJ; Drielsma, F, et al
4-Dec-2018firedrakeproject/ufl: The Unified Form LanguageHam, D; Logg, A; Barton, N; Wells, G; Homolya, M, et al
18-Feb-2019pytroll/satpy: Version 0.12.0Egede, U; Raspaud, M; Hoese, D; Lahtinen, P; Dybbroe, A, et al