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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2019thomasgibson/scpc: Firedrake preconditioners for static condensation and hybridizationGibson, T
26-Feb-2019Research data supporting "Buoyancy-Driven Gradients for Biomaterial Fabrication and Tissue Engineering"Ouyang, L; Li, C; Pence, IJ; Moore, AC; Lin, Y, et al
27-Mar-2019sp94/etcmm v1.0.0Palmer, S
20-Mar-2019Long term bearded pig camera trap data across the SAFE landscape. NB: These data are a subset of the full SAFE Project core mammal trapping data, but include additional details about bearded pig social structure and abundancesDavison, C; Wearn, O; Chapman, P; Ewers, R
1-Oct-2018Forest microclimate data from 2nd order sitesEwers, R; Hardwick, S; Nilus, R
29-Mar-2019thomasgibson/tabula-rasa: Tabula Rasa: experimentation framework for hybridization and static condensationGibson, T
9-Oct-2018florent-leclercq/borg_sdss_data_release v1.0Leclercq, F; Jasche, J; Wandelt, B
27-Sep-2018CRC1266-A2/moin: Release after Moin Summer SchoolRivers, R; Knitter, D; Bilger, M; Faupel, F; Filet, C, et al
19-Jul-2018Data presented in "Characteristics of unconventional Rb magneto-optical traps"Jarvis, K; Sauer, BE; Tarbutt, MR; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
10-Jan-2019Increased importance of terrestrial vertebrate seed dispersal in tropical logged forestsTelford, E; Qie, L; Nilus, R; Ewers, R; Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)