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12-Nov-2014A computed mechanistic pathway for the formation of an amide from an acid and an amine in non-polar solution.Rzepa, HS
4-Nov-2014Chiroptical properties of streptorubin BRzepa, HS; M. Lobo, A; S. Andrade, M; S Silva, V; M. Lourenco, A
27-Feb-2015Computed conformations of cis-dinaphthylethene 1Rzepa, HS; E.Weston, C; K. Kuimova, M; D. Richardson, R; G. J. Baud, M, et al
18-Jan-2015Chiroptical studies on brevianamide B: Vibrational and Electronic Circular Dichroism confrontedRzepa, HS; Cherblanc, F; Fuchter, M; Herrebout, W; Pei Lo, Y, et al
23-Jan-2015WEO2. 3D Models relating to Quantum mechanical simulations.Rzepa, HS
7-May-2015Noncatalytic Bromination of Benzene: A Combined Computational and Experimental StudyRzepa, HS; V. Shernyukov, A; E. Salnikov, G; G. Shubin, V; M. Genaev, A
15-Jun-2014The Chemistry department@ImperialCollegeLondon goes online: 1968-2014Rzepa, HS
25-Sep-2014Modulation of Cis-Trans Amide Bond Rotamers in 5-Acyl-6,7-dihydrothieno[3,2-c]pyridinesRzepa, HS; Lanyon-Hogg, T; Ritzefeld, M; Masumoto, N; I. Magee, A, et al
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