nuSTORM - Neutrinos from STORed Muons: Proposal to the Fermilab PAC

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Title: nuSTORM - Neutrinos from STORed Muons: Proposal to the Fermilab PAC
Authors: Adey, D
Agarwalla, SK
Ankenbrandt, CM
Asfandiyarov, R
Back, JJ
Barker, G
Baussan, E
Bayes, R
Bhadra, S
Blackmore, V
Blondel, A
Palmer, MA
Parke, S
Pascoli, S
Pasternak, J
Popovic, M
Ratoff, P
Ravonel, M
Rayner, M
Ricciardi, S
Rogers, C
Sen, T
Rubinov, P
Santos, E
Sato, A
Scantamburlo, E
Sedgbeer, JK
Smith, DR
Smith, PJ
Sobczyk, JT
Soby, L
Soler, FJP
Soldner-Rembold, S
Sorel, M
Striganov, S
Snopok, P
Stamoulis, P
Stanco, L
Tanaka, HA
Taylor, IJ
Touramanis, C
Tunnell, CD
Uchida, Y
Vassilopoulos, N
Wascko, MO
Weber, A
Wilking, MJ
Bogacz, SA
Wildner, E
Winter, W
Yang, UK
Booth, C
Boyd, SB
Bravar, A
Brice, SJ
Bross, AD
Cadoux, F
Cease, H
Cervera, A
Cobb, J
Colling, D
Coloma, P
Coney, L
Dobbs, A
Dobson, J
Donini, A
Dornan, P
Dracos, M
Dufour, F
Edgecock, R
Evans, J
Geelhoed, M
George, MA
Ghosh, T
Gomez-Cadenas, JJ
Gouvea, AD
Haesler, A
Hanson, G
Harrison, PF
Hartz, M
Hernandez, P
Morata, JAH
Hodgson, P
Huber, P
Izmaylov, A
Karadzhov, Y
Kobilarcik, T
Kopp, J
Kormos, L
Korzenev, A
Kuno, Y
Kurup, A
Kyberd, P
Lagrange, JB
Laing, A
Liud, A
Link, JM
Long, K
Mahn, K
Mariani, C
Martin, C
Martin, J
McCauley, N
McDonald, KT
Mena, O
Mishra, SR
Mokhov, N
Morfin, J
Mori, Y
Murray, W
Neuffer, D
Nichol, R
Noah, E
Item Type: Working paper
Abstract: The nuSTORM facility has been designed to deliver beams of electron neutrinos and muon neutrinos (and their anti-particles) from the decay of a stored muon beam with a central momentum of 3.8 GeV/c and a momentum acceptance of 10%. The facility is unique in that it will: 1. Allow searches for sterile neutrinos of exquisite sensitivity to be carried out; 2. Serve future long- and short-baseline neutrino-oscillation programs by providing definitive measurements of electron neutrino and muon neutrino scattering cross sections off nuclei with percent-level precision; and 3. Constitutes the crucial first step in the development of muon accelerators as a powerful new technique for particle physics. The document describes the facility in detail and demonstrates its physics capabilities. This document was submitted to the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee in consideration for Stage I approval.
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Copyright Statement: © 2013 The authors
Keywords: physics.acc-ph
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