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1-Dec-2013A dynamic model for the Lagrangian stochastic dispersion coefficientPesmazoglou, I; Kempf, AM; Navarro-Martinez, S
13-Mar-2017A facile way to produce epoxy nanocomposites having excellent thermal conductivity with low contents of reduced graphene oxideOlowojoba, GB; Kopsidas, S; Eslava, S; Saiz Gutierrez, E; Kinloch, AJ, et al
1-Jan-2010A Feature Ranking Strategy to Facilitate Multivariate Signal ClassificationGupta, L; Kota, S; Murali, S; Molfese, DL; Vaidyanathan, R
4-Sep-2017A flow and loading coefficient-based compressor map interpolation technique for improved accuracy of turbocharged engine simulationsGharaibeh, K; Costall, AW
9-Jun-2017A fracture mechanics approach to characterising the environmental stress cracking behaviour of thermoplasticsKamaludin, MA; Patel, Y; Williams, JG; Blackman, BRK
16-Sep-2015A general finite volume method for the solution of the reynolds lubrication equation with a mass-conserving cavitation modelProfito, FJ; Giacopini, M; Zachariadis, DC; Dini, D
3-Jul-2015A generalized spherical harmonic deconvolution to obtain texture of cubic materials from ultrasonic wave speedLan, B; lowe, M; dunne, F
1-Jun-2012A Generic Hybrid Model for Bulk Elastodynamics, With Application to Ultrasonic Nondestructive EvaluationRajagopal, P; Skelton, EA; Choi, W; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV
3-Mar-2016A generic hybrid model for the simulation of three-dimensional bulk elastodynamics for use in nondestructive evaluationChoi, W; Skelton, EA; Pettit, J; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV
27-Jun-2017A geometry preserving, conservative, mesh-to-mesh isogeometric interpolation algorithm for spatial adaptivity of the multigroup, second-order even-parity form of the neutron transport equationWelch, J; Kophazi, J; Owens, A; Eaton, M
1-Oct-2013A heterogeneous framework for real-time decoding of bioacoustic signals: Applications to assistive interfaces and prosthesis controlMace, M; Abdullah-al-Mamun, K; Naeem, AA; Gupta, L; Wang, S, et al
21-Feb-2015A localized momentum constraint for non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulationsSmith, ER; Heyes, DM; Dini, D; Zaki, TA
3-Nov-2017A Low Friction, Biphasic and Boundary Lubricating Hydrogel for Cartilage ReplacementMilner, P; Parkes, M; Puetzer, J; Chapman, R; Cann, P, et al
1-Jan-2013A maximum stress at a distance criterion for the prediction of crack propagation in adhesively-bonded jointsMartiny, P; Lani, F; Kinloch, AJ; Pardoen, T
1-Sep-2015A method for designing lightweight and flexible creep-age forming tools using mechanical splines and sparse controlling pointsLam, ACL; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Huang, X; Zeng, Y, et al
29-Jun-2016A method for detection and characterization of structural non-linearities using the Hilbert transform and neural networksOndra, V; Sever, IA; Schwingshackl, CW
24-Mar-2016A method of coupling discrete dislocation plasticity to the crystal plasticity finite element methodXu, Y; Balint, DB; Dini, DD
16-Apr-2009A method to quantify alteration of knee kinematics caused by changes of TKR positioningKessler, O; Bull, AMJ; Amis, AA
27-May-2017A methodology for derivation of RCCE-reduced mechanisms via CSPKoniavitis, P; Rigopoulos, S; Jones, WP
1-Dec-2014A Methodology for Evaluating Detection Performance of Ultrasonic Array Imaging Algorithms for Coarse-Grained MaterialsVan Pamel, A; Brett, CR; Lowe, MJS
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 1216
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