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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jul-2015Bypass Transition in Three-dimensional Time-dependent Boundary LayersHack, MJP; Zaki, TA
9-Mar-2016Cyclic-fatigue crack growth in composite and adhesively-bonded structures: the FAA slow crack growth approach to certification and the problem of similitudeKinloch, AJ; Jones, R; Hu, W
4-Oct-2016Erratum to: Soft tissue phantoms for realistic needle insertion: a comparative studyLeibinger, A; Forte, AE; Tan, Z; Oldfield, MJ; Beyrau, F, et al
21-Feb-2017Total ankle replacement design and positioning affect implant-bone micromotion and bone strainsSopher, R; Amis, A; Calder, J; Jeffers, J
4-May-2014An Experimental Investigation into the Onset of Smearing Damage in Nonconformal Contacts with Application to Roller BearingsFowell, M; Ioannides, S; Kadiric, A
14-Jan-2015Semi-analytical model for rough multilayered contactsNyqvist, J; Kadiric, A; Ioannides, S; Sayles, R
4-Jun-2014A Study of Lubricant Film Thickness in Compliant Contacts of Elastomeric Seal Materials Using a Laser Induced Fluorescence TechniqueMyant, CW; Fowell, M; Spikes, H; Kadiric, A
11-Nov-2016Extrusion of unleavened bread dough: experiments and simulationsP. Mohammed, MA; Wanigasooriya, L; Chakerabarti-Bell, S; Charalambides, MN
14-Mar-2016A study on the buckling behaviour of aluminium alloy sheet in deep drawing with macro-textured blankholderZheng, K; Politis, DJ; Lin, J; Dean, TA
16-Sep-2015The effects of strain rate and temperature on commercial acrylic artist paints aged one year to decadesHagan, EWS; Charalambides, MN; Young, CRT; Learner, TJS