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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2016From matrix nano-phase and micro-phase tougheners to composite macro-propertiesKinloch, AJ; Taylor, AC; Techapaitoon, M; Teo, WS; Sprenger, S
1-Oct-2011Quantifying nanoparticle dispersion: application of the Delaunay network for objective analysis of sample micrographsBray, DJ; Gilmour, SG; Guild, FJ; Hsieh, TH; Masania, K, et al
1-Jan-2011Determining the Fracture Energy of Structural Adhesives from Wedge-Peel TestsTaylor, AC; Williams, JG
1-Jan-2011Pre-clinical evaluation of ceramic femoral head resurfacing prostheses using computational models and mechanical testingDickinson, AS; Browne, M; Wilson, KC; Jeffers, JRT; Taylor, AC
2-Jul-2015Fast-curing epoxy polymers with silica nanoparticles: Properties and rheo-kinetic modellingKeller, A; Masania, K; Taylor, AC; Dransfeld, C
1-Feb-2014Mechanical and dielectric properties of epoxy-clay nanocompositesGuevara-Morales, A; Taylor, AC
16-Dec-2007The fracture of glass-fibre-reinforced epoxy composites using nanoparticle-modified matricesKinloch, AJ; Masania, K; Taylor, AC; Sprenger, S; Egan, D
1-Feb-2002The toughening of cyanate-ester polymers - Part I - Physical modification using particles, fibres and woven-matsKinloch, AJ; Taylor, AC
1-May-2011Quantifying the dispersion of carbon nanotubes in thermoplastic-toughened epoxy polymersBrooker, RD; Guild, FJ; Taylor, AC
10-Dec-2010The mechanisms and mechanics of the toughening of epoxy polymers modified with silica nanoparticlesHsieh, TH; Kinloch, AJ; Masania, K; Taylor, AC; Sprenger, S