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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jul-2015Bypass Transition in Three-dimensional Time-dependent Boundary LayersHack, MJP; Zaki, TA
1-Aug-1997Anomalous behaviour of leaky surface waves for stiffening layer near cutoffZinin,P.; Lefeuvre,O.; Briggs,G.A.D.; Zeller,B.D.; Cawley,P., et al
23-Jun-2014Poly(gamma-glutamic acid)/Silica Hybrids with Calcium Incorporated in the Silica Network by Use of a Calcium Alkoxide PrecursorPoologasundarampillai, G; Yu, B; Tsigkou, O; Wang, D; Romer, F, et al
16-Sep-2015The effects of strain rate and temperature on commercial acrylic artist paints aged one year to decadesHagan, EWS; Charalambides, MN; Young, CRT; Learner, TJS
21-Jul-2016Footstep energy harvesting using heel strike-induced airflow for human activity sensingFu, H; Cao, K; Xu, R; Bhouri, MA; Martinez-Botas, R, et al
2-Jul-2015Transition to Turbulence in Viscoelastic Channel FlowAgarwal, A; Brandt, L; Zaki, TA
24-Mar-2016Gas Dynamics and Flow Characteristics of Under-Expanded Hydrogen and Methane Jets under Various Nozzle Pressure Ratios and Ambient PressuresHamzehloo, A; Aleiferis, PG
1-Aug-2010Population balance modelling of polydispersed particles in reactive flowsRigopoulos, S
9-Nov-2015Nanoporous Substrate-Infiltrated Hydrogels: a Bioinspired Regenerable Surface for High Load Bearing and Tunable FrictionMa, S; Scaraggi, M; Wang, D; Wang, X; Liang, Y, et al
7-Dec-2015Large Eddy simulation of spray auto-ignition under EGR conditionsGallot-Lavallée, S; Jones, WP