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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2016The role of the mobility law of dislocations in the plastic response of shock loaded pure metalsGurrutxaga Lerma, B
2-Nov-2015The fatigue behaviour of ZnO nano-particle modified thermoplasticsBlackman, BRK; Steininger, H; Williams, JG; Zuo, K
25-Jan-2016Experimental investigation of tension and compression creep-ageing behaviour of AA2050 with different initial tempersLi, Y; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Yang, Y-L; Huang, B-M, et al
29-Jul-2016Microstructurally sensitive crack nucleation around inclusions in powder metallurgy nickel based superalloysJiang, J; Yang, J; Zhang, T; Wang, Y; Dunne, F, et al
9-Nov-2015Nanoporous Substrate-Infiltrated Hydrogels: a Bioinspired Regenerable Surface for High Load Bearing and Tunable FrictionMa, S; Scaraggi, M; Wang, D; Wang, X; Liang, Y, et al
19-Sep-2016A composite hydrogel for brain tissue phantomsForte, AE; Galvan, S; Manieri, F; Rodriguez y Baena, F; Dini, D
11-Jan-2017Investigation of slip transfer across HCP grain boundaries with application to cold dwell facet fatigueZheng, Z; Balint, D; Dunne, F
30-Dec-2015Characterisation of composite-titanium alloy hybrid joints using digital image correlationWang, X; Ahn, J; Kaboglu, C; Yu, L; Blackman, BRK
5-Mar-2016Robocasting of Structural Ceramic Parts with Hydrogel InksFeilden, E; Garcia Tunon Blanca, E; Giuliani, F; Saiz Gutierrez, E; Vandeperre, LJM
13-Mar-2017A facile way to produce epoxy nanocomposites having excellent thermal conductivity with low contents of reduced graphene oxideOlowojoba, GB; Kopsidas, S; Eslava, S; Saiz Gutierrez, E; Kinloch, AJ, et al