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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2016A study on the buckling behaviour of aluminium alloy sheet in deep drawing with macro-textured blankholderZheng, K; Politis, DJ; Lin, J; Dean, TA
1-Dec-2010Modelling thermomechanical behaviour of Cr-Mo-V steelShi, Z; Doel, TJA; Lin, J; Bowen, P; Bray, S
25-Jan-2016Experimental investigation of tension and compression creep-ageing behaviour of AA2050 with different initial tempersLi, Y; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Yang, Y-L; Huang, B-M, et al
26-Aug-2012An Investigation, Using Standard Experimental Techniques, to Determine FLCs at Elevated Temperature for Aluminium AlloysShi, Z; Wang, Y; Lin, J; Dean, T; Balint, D, et al
19-Nov-2016A unified constitutive model for asymmetric tension and compression creep-ageing behaviour of naturally aged Al-Cu-Li alloyLi, Y; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Yang, YL; Rong, Q, et al
1-Aug-2011An integrated scheme for crystal plasticity analysis: Virtual grain structure generationZhang, P; Balint, D; Lin, J
12-May-2015Size-dependent mechanical properties in AA6082 tailor welded specimensLiu, J; Wang, LL; Lee, J; Chen, R; ElFakir, O, et al
18-Sep-2015Influences of residual stresses and initial distortion on springback prediction of 7B04-T651 aluminium plates in creep-age formingLam, ACL; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Huang, X
15-Mar-2011Formability and failure mechanisms of AA2024 under hot forming conditionsWang, L; Strangwood, M; Balint, D; Lin, J; Dean, TA
1-Aug-2011Experimental studies and constitutive modelling of the hardening of aluminium alloy 7055 under creep age forming conditionsZhan, L; Lin, J; Dean, TA; Huang, M