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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2013Computational Study of Hydrogen Direct Injection for Internal Combustion EnginesHamzehloo, A; Aleiferis, PG
13-Oct-2014Characterisation of Flame Development with Hydrous and Anhydrous Ethanol Fuels in a Spark-Ignition Engine with Direct Injection and Port Injection SystemsAugoye, AK; Aleiferis, PG
1-Dec-2015Flame Front Analysis of Ethanol, Butanol, iso-Octane and Gasoline in a Spark-Ignition Engine using Laser Tomography and Integral Length Scale MeasurementsAleiferis, PG; Behringer, MK
24-Mar-2016Gas Dynamics and Flow Characteristics of Under-Expanded Hydrogen and Methane Jets under Various Nozzle Pressure Ratios and Ambient PressuresHamzehloo, A; Aleiferis, PG
21-Jan-2015Using infrared laser absorption to measure hydrocarbon concentration in a lean-burn, stratified-charge, spark-ignition engineCharalambides, AG; Hardalupas, Y; Soulopoulos, N; Taylor, AMKP; Aleiferis, PG, et al
12-Apr-2010A Study of Alcohol Blended Fuels in an Unthrottled Single Cylinder Spark Ignition EngineCairns, A; Todd, AR; Fraser, N; Aleiferis, PG; Malcolm, JS
15-Jun-2009Combining Unthrottled Operation with Internal EGR under Port and Central Direct Fuel Injection Conditions in a Single Cylinder SI EngineCairns, A; Todd, AR; Hoffmann, H; Aleiferis, PG; Malcolm, JS
28-Nov-2007Spray Development, Flow Interactions and Wall Impingement in a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition EngineAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Richardson, D; Wallace, S
6-Oct-2008Deposit Formation in the Holes of Diesel Injector Nozzles: A Critical ReviewBirgel, A; Ladommatos, N; Aleiferis, PG; Zuelch, S; Milovanovic, N, et al
29-Oct-2007Mixture Preparation and Combustion Variability in a Spray-Guided DISI EngineAleiferis, PG; Serras-Pereira, J; Richardson, D; Wallace, S