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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Nov-2016Strain rate dependency of fractures of immature boneCheong, VS; Karunaratne, A; Amis, AA; Bull, AMJ
12-Sep-2016Modelling of Supercapacitors: Factors Influencing PerformanceKroupa, M; Offer, GJ; Kosek, J
11-Jul-2016The role of the mobility law of dislocations in the plastic response of shock loaded pure metalsGurrutxaga Lerma, B
5-Feb-2016Rate sensitivity in discrete dislocation plasticity in hexagonal close-packed crystalsZheng, Z; Balint, D; Dunne, F
7-Mar-2017Subcritical crack growth and lifetime prediction of chemically strengthened aluminosilicate glassJiang, L; Wang, Y; Mohagheghian, I; Li, X; Guo, X, et al
9-Nov-2015Steady-state scratch testing of polymersBlackman, BRK; Hoult, T; Patel, Y; Steininger, H; Williams, JG
25-Jan-2016Experimental investigation of tension and compression creep-ageing behaviour of AA2050 with different initial tempersLi, Y; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Yang, Y-L; Huang, B-M, et al
18-Mar-2017Measurements of the mechanical response of unidirectional 3D-printed PLATagarielli, V; Song, Y; Li, Y; Song, W; Yee, K, et al
10-Dec-2016Effect of base oil structure on elastohydrodynamic frictionZhang, J; Tan, A; Spikes, H
2-Nov-2016The tribofilm formation of ZDDP under reciprocating pure sliding conditionsShimizu, Y; Spikes, HA