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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2009A biologically inspired micro-vehicle capable of aerial and terrestrial locomotionBachmann, RJ; Boria, FJ; Vaidyanathan, R; Ifju, PG; Quinn, RD
1-Apr-2009A Dynamic Channel Selection Strategy for Dense-Array ERP ClassificationKota, S; Gupta, L; Molfese, DL; Vaidyanathan, R
1-Mar-2004Crack growth of structural adhesive joints in humid environmentsKorenberg, CF; Kinloch, AJ; Watts, JF
1-Mar-2003Cohesive zone models and the plastically deforming peel testGeorgiou, I; Hadavinia, H; Ivankovic, A; Kinloch, AJ; Tropsa, V, et al
1-Jun-2003Toughening epoxy adhesives to meet today's challengesKinloch, AJ
1-Jan-2003The toughening of cyanate-ester polymers. Part II. Chemical modificationKinloch, AJ; Taylor,A.C.,
1-Nov-2006A critical investigation of the use of a mandrel peel method for the determination of adhesive fracture toughness of metal-polymer laminatesKawashita, L F,; Kinloch, AJ; Moore, D R,
1-Nov-2007Roughness in lubricated rolling contact: the dry contact limitOlver, AV; Dini, D
1-Jan-2001The stability of motorcycles under acceleration and brakingLimebeer, DJN; Sharp, RS; Evangelou, S
1-Jul-2008Further consideration of closure at the root of a sharp notchQiu, H; Hills, DA; Dini, D