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24-Jun-2016On the kinetics of thermal oxidation of the thermographic phosphor BaMgAL10O17:EuSkinner, SJ; Heyes, A; Yanez-Gonzalez, A; Beyrau, F; Van Wachem, B
27-Jun-2016A study on the effect of stress state on damage evolution in hot deformation of free cutting steels using double notched barsKardoulaki, E; Lin, J; Balint, D; Farrugia, D
22-Aug-2016Combined modelling and experimental studies of failure in thick laminates under out-of-plane shearJIa, L; Yu, L; Zhang, K; Li, M; Jia, Y, et al
24-Mar-2017Toward predictive understanding of fatigue crack nucleation in Ni-based SuperalloysJiang, J; Dunne, F; Britton, T
5-Mar-2015Effect of microstructure and grain boundary chemistry on slow crack growth in silicon carbide at ambient conditionsAl Nasiri, N; Ni, N; Saiz, E; Chevalier, J; Giuliani, F, et al
26-Sep-2016Effect of residual stress on the fracture of chemically strengthened thin aluminosilicate glassJiang, L; Wang, L; Mohagheghian, I; Li, X; Guo, X, et al
17-Jun-2016Multi-scale toughening of fibre composites using carbon nanofibres and z-pinsKinloch, AJ; Ladani, RB; Ravindran, AR; Wu, S; Pingkarawat, K, et al
8-Apr-2017Determination of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient for a hot aluminium stamping processLiu, X; Ji, K; El Fakir, O; Fang, H; Gharbi, M, et al
6-Jul-2016Graphene nanoplatelet-modified epoxy: Effect of aspect ratio and surface functionality on mechanical properties and toughening mechanismsChong, HM; Hinder, SJ; Taylor, AC
17-Oct-2016Toughened carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites with nanoparticle modified epoxy matricesCarolan, D; Ivankovic, A; Kinloch, AJ; Sprenger, S; Taylor, AC