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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2018Characterizing high temperature crack growth behaviour under mixed environmental, creep and fatigue conditionsZhao, L; Nikbin, KM
1-Jul-2018Transition of failure mode in hot stamping of AA6082 tailor welded blanksLiu, J; Wang, A; Gao, H; Gandra, J; Beamish, K, et al
1-Jun-2018Fracture behaviour of rubber- and silica nanoparticle-toughened glass fibre composites under static and fatigue loadingAwang Ngah, S; Taylor, AC
15-Jul-2018Delamination fatigue growth in polymer-matrix fibre composites: a methodology for determining the design and lifing allowablesYao, L; Alderliesten, R; Jones, R; Kinloch, AJ
8-Apr-2017Investigation on failure modes and mechanical properties of CFRP-Ti6Al4V hybrid joints with different interface patterns using digital image correlationWang, X; Ahn, J; Lee, J; Blackman, BRK
18-Apr-2017A computationally-efficient hierarchical scaling law to predict damage accumulation in composite fibre-bundlesPimenta, S
3-May-2017Core-shell rubber nanoparticle reinforcement and processing of high toughness fast-curing epoxy compositesKeller, A; Chong, HM; Taylor, AC; Dransfeld, C; Masania, K
20-Jul-2017Failure analysis using X-ray computed tomography of composite sandwich panels subjected to full-scale blast loadingRolfe, E; Kelly, M; Arora, H; Hooper, PA; Dear, JP
20-Jul-2017Hot stamping of AA6082 tailor welded blanks: experiments and knowledge based cloud FE (KBC-FE) simulationWang, A; Liu, JUN; Gao, H; Wang, L; Masen, M
26-Feb-2016An analytical solution for pre-crack behaviour of laminated glass under blast loadingDel Linz, P; Liang, X; Hooper, PA; Wang, LZ; Dear, JP