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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Feb-2016Partial slip incomplete contacts under constant normal load and subject to periodic loadingHills, DA; Fleury, RMN; Dini, D
21-Jan-2017Film formation and friction in grease lubricated rolling-sliding non-conformal contactsKanazawa, Y; Sayles, RS; Kadiric, A
5-Nov-2015Pyrolysis and Ignition of a Polymer by Transient IrradiationVermesi, I; Roenner, N; Pironi, P; Hadden, R; Rein, G
29-Dec-2016A coupled finite-volume CFD solver for two-dimensional elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication problems with particular application to rolling element bearingsHajishafiee, A; Kadiric, A; Ioannides, E; Dini, D
3-May-2016Hypoid gear vehicle axle efficiencyKakavas, I; Olver, AV; Dini, D
15-Nov-2016One-dimensional pulse-flow modeling of a twin-scroll turbineChiong, MS; Rajoo, S; Romagnoli, A; Costall, AW; Martinez-Botas, RF
4-Aug-2015Sandwich panel cores for blast applications: materials and graded densityKelly, M; Arora, H; Worley, A; Kaye, M; Del Linz, P, et al
27-Sep-2016An energy based fouling model for gas turbines: EBFOGCasari, N; Pinelli, M; Suman, A; Di Mare, L; Montomoli, F
29-Jun-2016On the Mechanism of ZDDP Antiwear Film FormationZhang, J; Spikes, HA
11-Jan-2017The origins of triboemission - correlating electron emission with surface damageCiniero, A; Le Rouzic, J; Baikie, I; Reddyhoff, T