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1-Sep-2015< a > Prismatic, < a > basal, and < c plus a > slip strengths of commercially pure Zr by micro-cantilever testsGong, J; Britton, TB; Cuddihy, MA; Dunne, FPE; Wilkinson, AJ
1-Mar-2009A biologically inspired micro-vehicle capable of aerial and terrestrial locomotionBachmann, RJ; Boria, FJ; Vaidyanathan, R; Ifju, PG; Quinn, RD
2-Apr-2013A biomechanical assessment of superior shoulder translation after reconstruction of anterior glenoid bone defects: The Latarjet procedure versus allograft reconstructionDegen, RM; Giles, JW; Boons, HW; Litchfield, RB; Johnson, JA, et al
19-Aug-2013A bounded iterative closest point method for minimally invasive registration of the femurRodriguez y Baena, F; Hawke, T; Jakopec, M
14-Nov-2015A Combined Experimental and Numerical Study of Laminar and Turbulent Non-piloted Oxy-fuel Jet Flames Using a Direct Comparison of the Rayleigh SignalHunger, F; Zulkifli, MF; Williams, BAO; Beyrau, F; Hasse, C
7-Sep-2014A comparative study of orthotropic and isotropic bone adaptation in the femur.Geraldes, DM; Phillips, AT
2-Aug-2016A Comparison of Classical Force-Fields for Molecular Dynamics Simulations of LubricantsEwen, J; Gattinoni, C; Thakkar, F; Morgan, N; Spikes, H, et al
1-Dec-2009A Comparison of Inlet Valve Operating Strategies in a Single-Cylinder Spark-Ignition EngineCairns, A; Todd, AR; Aleiferis, PG; Malcolm, JS
19-Sep-2016A composite hydrogel for brain tissue phantomsForte, AE; Galvan, S; Manieri, F; Rodriguez y Baena, F; Dini, D
29-Sep-2014A convenient way to represent fatigue crack growth in structural adhesivesKinloch, AJ; Jones, R; Hu, W
22-Jun-2011A coupled approach for rolling contact fatigue cracks in the hydrodynamic lubrication regime: The importance of fluid/solid interactionsBalcombe, R; Fowell, MT; Olver, AV; Ioannides, S; Dini, D
29-Dec-2016A coupled finite-volume CFD solver for two-dimensional elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication problems with particular application to rolling element bearingsHajishafiee, A; Kadiric, A; Ioannides, E; Dini, D
1-Nov-2006A critical investigation of the use of a mandrel peel method for the determination of adhesive fracture toughness of metal-polymer laminatesKawashita, L F,; Kinloch, AJ; Moore, D R,
1-Apr-2009A Dynamic Channel Selection Strategy for Dense-Array ERP ClassificationKota, S; Gupta, L; Molfese, DL; Vaidyanathan, R
9-Sep-2016A dynamic discrete dislocation plasticity study of elastodynamic shielding of stationary cracksGurrutxaga Lerma, B; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP
1-Dec-2013A dynamic model for the Lagrangian stochastic dispersion coefficientPesmazoglou, I; Kempf, AM; Navarro-Martinez, S
13-Mar-2017A facile way to produce epoxy nanocomposites having excellent thermal conductivity with low contents of reduced graphene oxideOlowojoba, GB; Kopsidas, S; Eslava, S; Saiz Gutierrez, E; Kinloch, AJ, et al
1-Jan-2010A Feature Ranking Strategy to Facilitate Multivariate Signal ClassificationGupta, L; Kota, S; Murali, S; Molfese, DL; Vaidyanathan, R
16-Sep-2015A general finite volume method for the solution of the reynolds lubrication equation with a mass-conserving cavitation modelProfito, FJ; Giacopini, M; Zachariadis, DC; Dini, D
3-Jul-2015A generalized spherical harmonic deconvolution to obtain texture of cubic materials from ultrasonic wave speedLan, B; lowe, M; dunne, F
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1008
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