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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Mar-2009Spud 1.0: generalising and automating the user interfaces of scientific computer modelsHam, DA; Farrell, PE; Gorman, GJ; Maddison, JR; Wilson, CR, et al
1-Dec-2009Structural Models for Flight Dynamic Analysis of Very Flexible AircraftPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
31-Dec-2009Characteristics of the Lamb vector in the outer region of a turbulent boundary layerGanapathisubramani, B
25-May-2009Large-eddy simulation of separated flow over a three-dimensional axisymmetric hillGarcia-Villalba, M; Li, N; Rodi, W; Leschziner, MA
1-Mar-2009Topological Optimization of Compliant Adaptive Wing StructureSanter, M; Pellegrino, S
1-May-2009Control of constrained discrete-time systems with bounded l(2) gainGoulart, PJ; Kerrigan, EC; Alamo, T
10-Nov-2009Turbulent flow and heat transfer in eccentric annulusNikitin, N; Wang, HL; Chernyshenko, S
1-Jun-2009Developing a four point bend specimen to measure the mode I intralaminar fracture toughness of unidirectional laminated compositesPinho, ST; Robinson, P; Iannucci, L
1-Jun-2009A micromechanical model for kink-band formation: Part II-Analytical modellingPimenta, S; Gutkin, R; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P
10-Jun-2009Linear instability analysis of low-pressure turbine flowsAbdessemed, N; Sherwin, SJ; Theofilis, V