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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2003On discontinuous Galerkin methodsZienkiewicz, OC; Taylor, RL; Sherwin, SJ; Peiro, J
1-Jan-2003Prediction of rotational instabilities of rectangular and semi-circular leading edge sectionsRobertson, I; Sherwin, SJ; Bearman, PW
1-Jan-2003Wake topology of curved cylinders at low Reynolds numbersMiliou, A; Sherwin, SJ; Graham, JMR
30-Oct-2003Computational modelling of 1D blood flow with variable mechanical properties and its application to the simulation of wave propagation in the human arterial systemSherwin, SJ; Formaggia, L; Peiro, J; Franke, V
1-Jun-2003An hp/spectral element model for efficient long-time integration of Boussinesq-type equationsEskilsson, C; Sherwin, SJ
1-Apr-2003A numerical study of rotational and transverse galloping rectangular bodiesRobertson, I; Li, L; Sherwin, SJ; Bearman, PW
10-May-2003Trapped vortices and a favourable pressure gradientChernyshenko, SI; Galletti, B; Lo, AI; Zannetti, L
10-Dec-2003Flutter instability prediction techniques for bridge deck sectionsRobertson, I; Sherwin, SJ; Bearman, PW
21-Oct-2003Electromagnetic flow control: characteristic numbers and flow regimes of a wall-normal actuatorThibault, JP; Rossi, L
1-Jul-2003Time domain computational modelling of 1D arterial networks in monochorionic placentasFranke, VE; Parker, KH; Wee, LY; Fisk, NM; Sherwin, SJ