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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2003On discontinuous Galerkin methodsZienkiewicz, OC; Taylor, RL; Sherwin, SJ; Peiro, J
1-Sep-2001Nonlinear particle tracking for high-order elementsCoppola, G; Sherwin, SJ; Peiro, J
30-Oct-2003Computational modelling of 1D blood flow with variable mechanical properties and its application to the simulation of wave propagation in the human arterial systemSherwin, SJ; Formaggia, L; Peiro, J; Franke, V
29-Jan-2006On 2D elliptic discontinuous Galerkin methodsSherwin, SJ; Kirby, RM; Peiro, J; Taylor, RL; Zienkiewicz, OC
10-Sep-2002High-order algorithms for vascular flow modellingPeiro, J; Giordana, S; Griffith, C; Sherwin, SJ
10-Jan-2002Mesh generation in curvilinear domains using high-order elementsSherwin, SJ; Peiro, J
1-Jan-2002Combined MR imaging and numerical simulation of flow in realistic arterial bypass graft models.Papaharilaou, Y; Doorly, DJ; Sherwin, SJ; Peiro, J; Griffith, C, et al
1-Dec-2003One-dimensional modelling of a vascular network in space-time variablesSherwin, SJ; Franke, V; Peiro, J; Parker, K