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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-2012Universal Dissipation Scaling for Nonequilibrium TurbulenceValente, PC; Vassilicos, JC
29-Jun-2015The spatial origin of-5/3 spectra in grid-generated turbulenceLaizet, S; Nedic, J; Vassilicos, JC
25-May-2017Wall shear stress fluctuations: mixed scaling and their effects on velocity fluctuations in a turbulent boundary layerDiaz Daniel; Laizet, S; Vassilicos, JC; Commission of the European Communities; Commission of the European Communities
25-May-2017Related self-similar statistics of the turbulent/non-turbulent interface and the turbulence dissipationZhou, Y; Vassilicos, JC; Commission of the European Communities
1-Jan-2018Physical scaling of numerical dissipation for LESDairay, T; Lamballais, E; Laizet, S; Vassilicos, JC
20-Feb-2017Genesis and evolution of velocity gradients in a near-field spatially developing turbulencePaul, I; Papadakis, G; Vassilicos, JC; Commission of the European Communities
1-May-2018Attached flow structure and streamwise energy spectra in a turbulent boundary layerSrinath, S; Vassilicos, JC; Cuvier, C; Laval, J-P; Stanislas, M, et al
1-Feb-2015Stirring and scalar transfer by grid-generated turbulence in the presence of a mean scalar gradientLaizet, S; Vassilicos, JC
27-Jul-2016Power consumption and form drag of regular and fractal-shaped turbines in a stirred tankSteiros, K; Bruce, PJK; Buxton, ORH; Vassilicos, JC; Commission of the European Communities, et al
18-Feb-2015Energy dissipation and flux laws for unsteady turbulenceGoto, S; Vassilicos, JC