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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Feb-2017Expensive control of long-time averages using sum of squares and its application to a laminar wake flowHuang, D; Jin, B; Lasagna, D; Chernyshenko, S; Tutty, O, et al
8-Apr-2017Relationship between the methods of bounding time averagesChernyshenko, S; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
1-Dec-2018Mesh-adaptive simulations of horizontal-axis turbine arrays using the actuator line methodDeskos, G; Piggott, MD; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
8-Jan-2019A high resolution pde approach to quadrilateral mesh generationMarcon, J; Kopriva, DA; Sherwin, SJ; Peiró, J; Commission of the European Communities
28-Jun-2019Duality of convex relaxations for constrained variational problemsFantuzzi, G
8-Jun-2019Nektar++: enhancing the capability and application of high-fidelity spectral/hp element methodsMoxey, D; Cantwell, CD; Bao, Y; Cassinelli, A; Castiglioni, G, et al
13-Dec-2018High strain rate behaviour of Nano-quasicrystalline Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 alloy and compositesPedrazzini, S; Galano, M; Audebert, F; Gerlach, R; Siegkas, P, et al
10-Jun-2019Finding extremal periodic orbits with polynomial optimisation, with application to a nine-mode model of shear flowLakshmi, M; Fantuzzi, G; Fernández-Caballero, J; Hwang, Y; Chernyshenko, S
14-Jul-2018Sparse sum-of-squares (SOS) optimization: A bridge between DSOS/SDSOS and SOS optimization for sparse polynomialsZheng, Y; Fantuzzi, G; Papachristodoulou, A
12-Aug-2019Naturally curved quadrilateral mesh generation using an adaptive spectral element solverMarcon, J; Kopriva, DA; Sherwin, SJ; Peiró, J; Commission of the European Communities